The Military Challenge Coin Game

Military coins, also known as challenge coins, are two-sided and decorated coins which are awarded to an individual or to groups to commemorate and recognize a job well done. All branches of the United States military carry challenge coins. Other members of organizations, including policemen and fire fighters, are also known to carry challenge coins as well.

Military coins are tools to prove that a person is a member of a specific unit. Soldiers from all points of history have carried military challenge coins in almost anywhere they go. These military challenge coins are good ways to remember the squad or troop a person is assigned to as well as the memories associated with acquiring the coin.

Challenge CoinsIt is a long time tradition for each military challenge coin bearer to always carry his coin. Military group members are required to always carry their military coins with them any where they go and at all times. Another reason why most military group members carry their coins at all times is because of the military challenge coin game. Group members need to be always ready when any member initiates a coin inspection game.

Initiating the Challenge Coin Game Orally

Challenges can be initiated anywhere: but mostly in bars or restaurants. For a challenge coin game to start, a member of the group must initiate the game first. That member should take out his coin, hold it up for everyone to see and then announce that a challenge coin check is being initiated.

Initiate the Challenge Accidentally or Stealthily

A challenge coin game can be initiated stealthily by placing the challenge coin on a table, bar or even on the floor. If the challenger wishes to use this kind of fashion, the sound of the coin being placed should be heard by everyone.

On the other hand, if a member of the group accidentally drops a challenge coin onto the floor, makes a noise, and everyone heard the sound, then, a challenge coin game must be initiated.

Drawing Challenge Coins

Once the challenge is initiated, all members of the group, unit or squad must take out their challenge coins. At the time of the challenge, every group members are only permitted a step and an arm reach for each and everyone to locate their coins. If a person cannot reach his military challenge coin, then, that person will need to face the consequences.

Only the challenge coins provided for the group must be used during the challenge coin game. In any case that a member belongs to two or more groups with different challenge coins each, that person must present the proper challenge coin during the challenge coin game.

Buying a Round of Drinks

The group members who will not be unable to present their military coins or respond to the challenge must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and to the members who were able to draw their military challenge coins.

In the case, that all the members of the group will be able to respond to the challenge and present their military challenge coins, the challenger who initiated the challenge coin game must buy a round of drinks for all the participating members.

During the course of the game, someone must buy a round of drinks. Failure to do so will result to further sanctions.

Punishment for the Offender

Any member of the group who will refuse to participate in the game will need to buy a round of drinks for all members of the group.

In the case that the loser do not want to buy a round of drinks for the winners, then, it will lead to excommunication from the group. In some cases, if a group member refused to participate or buy a round of drinks, that person will be forced or required to turn in his challenge coin.

4 Rules Every SEO company Needs To Follow

Every industry in the world today has their own set of rules. It doesn’t always start that way, but that’s how things usually shape up. Take for example the world of information technology. When the internet started to blossom and everyone started to realize that they can get “online”, only a handful of domains were registered and only a few sites thrived. Today, there are millions of websites and they all want to get your attention. From the small few, something known as HTML started to grow and the initial markup language that would become what it is today, started with some loose rules and ideas to help people put together code that would become websites when run through a browser. The technology moved, changed, and become more and more strict. Today, the old HTML lines of code may work a bit, but when you start to pack in the old design world with the new world of coding, things fall part fast. It’s with that in mind that you should highlight SEO.

Hiring a SEO company is a good thing. It will showcase the changes that once again has come to the world of information technology, but make sure that you are aware of the past and present in terms of rules.

If you’re not familiar with SEO Companysearch engine optimization or the rules that companies should follow, don’t worry. You will need to focus on the way things have shifted recently, and then use the following simple guide in regards to hiring the right choice. Without hiring a good company to help you with marketing, you may find yourself left out cold, when it comes to internet marketing. It’s with that in mind that you absolutely need to look into the following rules, as they will shine light on major opportunities to market your brand to the world at large.

Slow Burn Marketing:

When you are hiring a SEO company, make sure that they are slow to action in many regards. Do not sign on to hire a company that is going to speed you to ranking #1 in any search engine. There are a lot of empty promises out there, and one of the big ones that you will see repeated by companies that work within the world of marketing is that they can guarantee that you get ranked, indexed, and shot straight to the top of search engines within a short span of time. This is absolutely wrong. The slow burn is far better and the rule here is to be patient with the implementation and results. Slow is the winner when it comes to marketing on the web.

Authentic Link Generation:

As soon as people figured out that links can help you get ranked within search engines, people started to spend thousands of dollars trying to game the system. This was such a problem that search engines now use tools to “disavow” backlinks to pages. That’s right, they will tell you what links look fishy and will allow you to delete them from the record. When you hire a SEO company, make absolutely sure that they are following authentic link generation protocol. That means that they are focusing on building links that are 100% real, and are from sources that are within your niche. If they are going to kick down a lot of links from forums, blogs and pages that your niche wouldn’t be related to, then pass on it.

No Pressure Sales:

High pressure sales is one way that many marketing professionals make a living. It’s the same with car dealers, and the high pressure tactics will come at you hard if you’re not careful. You may first inquire about hiring a professional company and they will respond with a phone call. That initial call will be from a level 1 salesman, and they will describe some of the services that you will be able to take advantage of. If you decline to go with their company, you will get a conference call and the hard sell will start to come at you fast. Do not buy into upselling, or heavy pressure solutions that will require a lot of money up front. Never give thousands of dollars to someone, if they are pressuring you to go with their services. It’s better to go with a more simple approach, and you’ll find that companies that do not pressure you into hiring them, will get you better results than those that are forcing clients to sign with them.

Data Driven Campaigns:

Ask any SEO company that you may want to hire about how they are going to market your site. If they are going to gauge your competition, and they have software that can help them figure out how they are doing and what keywords they are focusing on, then you’re going to be in good hands. If they are just going to take your keywords, or rather ask you to find keywords to help them, walk away. A good company uses data to drive campaigns that will bring about a great deal of influence for your website.

At the end of the day, you will benefit from hiring a good company to help you with internet marketing. Launching a site and hoping people show up is the way the old guard worked, today’s traffic generation has evolved past that, much like HTML has.

Golf Putters, Woods, Irons and Wedges

Golf is a famous sport that is considered to be luxurious by most people in the world. It is played by using a club to hit golf balls from the ground. The main objective of the game is to finish the 9 or 18 course holes. The winner can be determined by the player having the least amount of strokes made, or known as stroke play, or having the least score made, or known as match play. Golf paraphernalia include a golf ball and a golf club. These golf clubs are called woods, irons, wedges and golf putters. They are labeled by numbers, wherein the lowest number can hit the farthest.

p-1In golf, there are several types of clubs that you can use to hit a generic golf ball. These clubs are made for different purposes, depending on how hard you intend to hit the golf ball. Wood club is a type of golf club that is used to hit the golf ball the farthest. It can throw the ball up in the air to about 200 to 350 yards on a perfect hit. These wood clubs are formerly made out of woods though it is not true for today’s golfers anymore. Rather, it is made of metals like titanium, steel and other alloys though they kept the name for tradition’s sake. The head of the wood club is usually large and plump with its bottom being straight and smooth for it to move smoothly through the ground during hits. A driver, or known as 1 wood, is the wood club the can hit the farthest among other wood clubs. A wood club is usually used at the beginning of every game, where the ball is at its farthest point from the whole.

Iron clubs are, as the name suggests, made of metal. It is used when the ball is less than 200 yards away from the hole. Iron clubs are numbered from 1 to 9 where 1 to 3 are called the long irons, 4 to 6 are the middle irons and 7 to 9 are the short irons. Although, a typical golf set rarely has iron clubs 1 and 2 since its mastery requires a longer time and training. Iron clubs labeled 1 to 3 can hit the farthest among the iron clubs which means, you can use this to maximize the 200 yard distance. If the golf ball is just within 150 to 170 yards, an iron club somewhere between 4 to 6 is the better choice. Use iron clubs from 7 to 9 if the ball is somewhere nearer that 150 to 170 yards.

Another type of golf club is the wedge. Wedges are lofted between 46 to 64 degrees, a figure higher than other clubs, because it is intended to send the golf ball fly high into the air to cover less distance. Wedges are often used when the golf ball is less than 110 to 130 yards away from the hole. A pitching wedge is used for the 130 yard distance while a gap wedge is used for the 110 yard distance. When obstacles are in front of the golfer, a lob wedge is used to send the ball up high without having traveled a long distance.

The last type of golf club is the golf putter. It is the most used club in golf because it is easier to use compared to other clubs. The golf putter is used when the ball is already in the green area where the hole is. Golf putters come in different sizes. Belly putters and broomstick putters are used to give the golfer an easier hit compared to other putters.

Making Your Own Lapel Pins

If you are into arts and crafts, DIY pin-making would be a fun way to spend your free time. With all of the available designs and kinds of lapel pins to choose from, it sometimes becomes hard for you to decide which pin to buy. But if you have a design in mind that you would want to turn into a decorative accessory for your bag or jacket, you can now create your own custom label pins. Here are some basic tips to guide you in making your first home-made pins. For this do-it-yourself project, you will need prefabricated backs of pins, glue gun and hot glue sticks, large beads and small beads, and plastic foam.

The first thing you have to do is to plan your design. Think of something unique. If you are planning to wear your pins often, think of designs that could act as your very own identifier or trademark. Before doing anything permanent, lay out your design by trying to put your beads together in a way that pleases you. Figure out which beads go together based on their shapes, sizes, and colors. Arrange them in the exact way you would glue them later on to check the designs’ balance and symmetry.

Put the pin securely on the plastic custom label pinsfoam to prevent it from moving because even the slightest movement could cause the whole design to misalign. Warm up your glue gun with just the right amount of heat while you are finalizing the designs of your custom label pins. You can start plotting down your design by applying glue on a bead and pressing it down on the center of the prefabricated back of the pin. Repeat this step for every bead until your design takes form.

Remember to use your glue gun sparingly because visible excess glue can affect the overall appearance of your lapel pin. Fill in the blank spaces with smaller beads and accentuate the pin by placing bigger beads. Wait for all the beads to settle down on the hot glue. Once it has been cooled and everything is in place, you can now take the pin away from the plastic foam. After this, your custom label pin is ready to use.

Aside from beads, you can also make the traditional flower lapel pin. This is the ideal lapel pin to use for weddings since it is considered as the counterpart of the bride’s bouquet. For this, you will need scissors, florist tape, ribbon, chiffon fabric, the back of a pin (preferably flat), and a flower; carnation is highly recommended. The type of flower and color of materials that you will use can be based on the occasion that you are creating the lapel pin for. Just remember to match the color of your fabric with the color of your ribbon. In some events, the color scheme will be provided for so you’ll just have to follow.

The first thing you have to do is to trim the stem of the flower up to 2 inches. You can choose whether to get a real or a plastic flower. Take the chiffon fabric and cut it the same size as the carnation. Place the flower at the center of the fabric and put florist tape on it to retain its position. Turn the flower on its back and wrap the ribbon around the flower’s stem, under its petals. Lastly, glue the flat-backed pin to the flower and wait for it to dry completely before trying to use it. The weight of the flower could bring itself down from the pin if it wasn’t glued properly. Once it is finished, you now have your own floral custom label pin.

Find out the Truth behind the Controversy of E Juice

If you try to check the internet, you will be able to find a lot of topics about electronic cigarettes as well as the e juice that they use. The articles vary and you will not only find posts that discuss about its efficiency and benefits, you will also see a lot of disputes. Many people get confused about the conflicting claims. For you to be able to find the truth behind all of this, you need to be informed correctly. Therefore, you must avoid believing those that just seem to be true. It is important for you to get the appropriate details in order to understand the difference between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.                   Cig

Why there is Disputes on E Juice

There are a lot of smokers who already want to quit tobacco cigarette smoking in order to live a healthy life. We all know how dangerous tobacco cigarette smoking is towards the health of the smokers as well as the people around them. It has a lot of harmful side effects and serious health risks. However, despite all of these facts, smokers find it hard to quit smoking. This is because it is very addictive. E juice can aid the people who are looking for an effective way to quit smoking. This is the worst nightmare of large tobacco cigarette companies.

There are already a lot of reasons why a smoker would want to quit tobacco cigarette smoking. The nicotine content of their tobacco cigarettes are their stronghold on the smokers. This is the substance that is responsible for making the smokers become addicted. With the problem of addiction due to the effects of nicotine, scientific studies have proven that the only way to be free from the tobacco addiction is by continually decreasing the nicotine intake of a smoker. Since electronic cigarettes enable smokers to control their nicotine intake with the help of e juice, there is no wonder why there are a lot of companies who try to spread negative and inaccurate details about them.

What Large Tobacco Cigarette Companies Hide

It is already clear that the real contents of the smoke of tobacco cigarettes are being hidden from the public. Large tobacco companies also put controversies on electronic cigarettes and e juice because they are the worst threat of their multimillion-dollar businesses. Since it is the most efficient resort of the countless people who already want to end their addiction to tobacco, electronic cigarettes can potentially put them out of business. Before you visited this page, you might have already read some bogus info floating on the internet. You don’t have to stay confused because of these conflicting claims. All you need to do is to get the appropriate details to help you understand the harm and benefits of these cigarettes.

Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better

For you to fully understand why electronic cigarettes are better, you need to know the contents of tobacco and electronic cigarettes, as well as their effects. Tobacco cigarettes contain hundreds of additives that are not proven safe for inhalation. Those additives react when burned and they produce thousands of different chemical compounds which makes the smoke highly dangerous to the health of the smokers, as well as to the people around them. Hundreds of those chemical compounds are poison gases and around 70 of them can cause cancer.

On the other hand, the e liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes only contains diluents, nicotine, and flavoring. They are not burned, they are just vaporized. This is the reason why electronic cigarettes are smokeless. Moreover, they don’t react by the time they are vaporized. There will be no harm done to the smoker since it doesn’t have any harmful effects. Aside from that, the smoker will be the only one who can smell the vapor.

Don’t just believe in any dispute you find on the internet. You need to gain the correct details first and for you to understand each and every one of them. The advantages that smokers can get from switching to electronic cigarettes are real. Moreover, the harm that tobacco smoking has done to them will even be diminished.

Buying Military Patches

Military Patches are some of the items that collector want. Not only do they have a rich history in them, they are also a symbol of peace and of the solidarity of the country’s soldiers. While there are many online stores and some brick and mortar stores that sell vintage items such as the said patches, it’s not very easy to know which of these you should buy and what the things you should look for are.


The very first thing you should keep in mind is that you should only go for authentic items. How would you know that the items you would like to buy are authentic? Well, you really have to do some research. It’s always important to check for what the patches should be made of, and how they look like. It will be useless to pay for a patch that does not even have any historical significance. Also, you can ask for proof of authenticity from the store you are planning to buy the items from. While you can buy modern military patches as they are pretty much available these days, looking for proof of significance and doing research are extremely important when it comes to historical patches.

Different Kinds of Patches

The most common kinds of patches are U.S. Military Patches. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, the Army Reserves and the National Guards all have different types of insignia that you can collect.

You can either collect insignia from different points in history, or from certain wars. Some of the most popular patches include those that were used in the First or Second World War. Or, you can also collect patches from different army groups so that you’d at least have a remembrance from each of them.

Some other collectible U.S. Insignia include:

• Vietnam Service Campaign Patch. This was used by small U.S. army groups during the Vietnam War.

• WWII U.S. American Flyer. The insignia used by members of the U.S. Air Force during the Second World War.

• Helicopter Squadron Patch. This was used by members of the U.S. Air Force or U.S. Squadron and is highly collectible because of their unique look and color.

• Army Specialized Training WWII Patch. This was used by members of the army who underwent special training before or during World War II.

World Wide Insignia

Of course, there are also a lot of collectible military patches from different parts of the world. It is really nice to collect these patches as they signify different parts of history in the world and are also different compared to U.S. insignia. Some of the best items to collect include:

• Foreign Legion Infantry Patches. These insignia are great because they signify the hard work of the Foreign Legion Infantry in protecting and fighting for countries in need. Each member of the said group wore this patch once in their lives.

• Australian Battle Jacket Squadron Patch. Before the Second World War, some soldiers served the Australian Army, as well as the British army and this is one of the patches they used. It denotes the different squadrons that members of the army in those days belonged to.

• German Shoulder Boards. These are highly collectible because there are only a few of them left. These were used both in the First and Second World Wars and that’s why they mean a lot to lovers of history.

• SAS Paratrooper Sleeve Badge. Only Paratroopers were given these badges and that’s why they are also sought after by collectors.

Choose what you want

Choose which military patches you want, research on how they look like and what they’re all about and check to see which stores sell them. Sooner or later, you will be able to create your collection and make it grow.

Printed Circuit Board: Bits of Basic Information

A printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the most widely used pieces of technology on the planet today. It can be seen in almost everything electronic that people use today. Most people go through their everyday life unaware of just how important PCBs are in their lives.

PCBs are usedPrinted Circuit Board in a large number of different applications. They are so diverse that they can be used as a solution for so many different problems. Technology would not be where it is today without them. Without them, people would still probably be relying on technology that is too large and bulky to use practically.

Mobile phones, tablets, and computers would be some of the many pieces of modern day technology that would not probably exist without the innovations made with PCBs. PCBs are complicated pieces of tech that may alienate people due to their complexity. However, the basic principles working behind a printed circuit board is actually quite easy enough to understand even for those who have no forehand knowledge.

Below is a brief introduction to what a PCB is, what are the advantages of using it, and where people can get one.

What is a PCB?

A PCB is responsible for connecting different electronic components to one another. It is also responsible for controlling the flow of an electric current to all the different components that populate its surface.

The PCB is made up of a nonconductive material, referred to as the substrate, and the circuitry printed or etched on it. The circuitry is made by creating a pattern on the substrate’s surface using conductive material. The material must be conductive in order for the PCB to work as intended.

Electric currents can only move through a conductive material. The reason why the substrate is nonconductive is to make sure that the flow of electricity can only move to the parts that the circuits dictate.

A printed circuit board is basically used to provide a flow of electricity to different components of a machine without having to use wires.

Advantages of PCB

PCBs have a lot of advantages. First and foremost, a PCB lowers electronic noise. This of course assumes that the PCB is well designed in the first place. A well designed PCB is optimized for making sure that the distance between the different electrical components are not far in between. The short distance reduces the electrical noise thereby preventing any sort of degradation in performance.

PCBs are also a lot easier to diagnose and repair when compared to other systems. The components on a PCB are often well labeled, making the different parts easy to identify for both installation and repair. Diagnostics are made easier by the fact that the signal paths on a PCB are well exposed and organized.

The compact size of the PCB is one of its greatest advantages. A PCB can easily fit in tight spaces that other systems could not. It also allows small components to fit together in ways that a conventional wire system cannot.

Where can a person get a printed circuit board?

There are basically two places where a person can get a circuit board. They can either buy a circuit board or make one from scratch.

Plenty of people have tried their own projects using PCBs that they themselves designed. It may take a little bit of time, effort and learning, but making a PCB can be a fun and enlightening project for anyone. It is not as difficult as some people would think.

There are plenty of manufacturers out there that make PCBs. Finding out which of them can provide the right kind of product can be quite a challenge. However, those who take their time to find out which manufacturer can give them the right printed circuit board will be well rewarded.

Author Bio:
Welcome to Imagineering, Inc. on the web. Your most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards and Pcb assembly. Our quick turn PROTOTYPES are not just intended for testing and verification of designs. Every one of our boards meet IPC-A-600 F (Class2) standard, be it prototype or production. To us prototype also means ‘PER YOUR SPEC’ and delivered ON TIME.nationwide.

The Other Side of the Coin for iPage

Is iPage a good web host? iPage takes pride at being included in the top 10 web hosts in the world. It currently caters to more than a million clients in the more than 15 years existence in the industry. It is worldwide known for being the friendliest to the users, especially to beginners. It is also one of the most affordable web hosts that you can avail of from among the wide selections of web hosts in the market.

The question remains, though. Is iPage a good web host? As with all web hosts, iPage cannot be declared as perfect. In fact, it also has received many complaints from clients. It has negative reviews from different sources. You can read a lot of negative comments from various forums in the internet. There are complaints from its core features to customer service and even the prices.

Web hostingIs iPage a good web host? Some of the people want to know the truth. Here are some of the negative feedbacks from the features of iPage. This is not to discredit iPage but to provide a balance from all the positive reviews that it gets. As a potential client, it is your right to know the good and the bad of the product or services that you are going to avail before you purchase it. The final decision is yours. You are encouraged to do your own investigation. The focus will be on customer support and price only. And to answer this question is iPage a good web host?

iPage boasts of its excellent customer service. It has 6 customer support features which are the following: Extensive Online Help Center and Ticketing System, Step by Step Tutorials, 24/7 chat, email and phone support, Call Answered in About A Minute, Anytime Money-Back Guarantee and lastly, Rigorous QA Testing of Staff.

Among the 6 features, these three are the most complained about: First is the extensive online help center and ticketing system. One client put it to the test and videotaped the experience he had with this feature. This has something to do with the time the ticket was submitted to the time it was attended to. Usually, it varied from several hours to even several days with constant follow up being done. However, if the concern is just minimal, the processing time is much lower. In the 24/7 chat, email and phone support, the email support needs a lot of improvement. Just like with the ticketing system, it usually takes more time and needs constant follow up. There were complaints about the phone support too. It was reported that some customers would be asked to wait for as long as 20 minutes. This may be due to the growing client list that they have. Attending to the technical needs of each client could really demand so much time from an agent. With the chat support, on the other hand, the services are usually outsourced so once in a while, some bit of difficulty is being experienced. And some complained too of being on wait for too long. The Anytime Money Back Guarantee has received lots of criticisms in the past too, from its previous-not-so-happy clients. Some complain that it’s not 100% money guarantee. However, in looking closely, you could confirm that these were stated at the agreement policy contract between the client and iPage so technically, iPage cannot be held responsible. It could be that the client understood it that they will have all their money back. But this is only true if your subscription lasted for less than 30 days only. Otherwise, you will be charged for all the months that you availed of iPage.

At the same time, there were negative reports on the price of iPage. Some described it as “deceptive”. The clients stated that although it may look as the most affordable offer among all web hosts, but the catch would be on the renewal fee. Many clients joined because of the very attractive sign-up offers but later on, they were surprised with the pricey renewal fee. It seems like a trap for most clients. They were lured into iPage for its initial low price.

So, is iPage a good web host? That’s for you to find out. Again, does your homework before you sign up with iPage, or with any web host, for that matter?

Steps You Must Take Before Buying a TL-15 Safe

Buying safes can be helpful. You can keep your valuables safe from burglary or from fire. Items you need to secure include documents, cash, jewelry, coin collection, records or guns.

There are many reasons why people opt for safes in their home. Other than burglary or fire, these safes are used to protect business interest and even keep guns or other lethal stuff away from children who may think of these as toys.

Familiarize yourself with the safes available.

You need to have a specific reason why you want to buy a safe. Is it for your documents? Is it for your money? Or is it to keep you jewelry safe? There are others who keep their audio and video footage of home security locked in these safes.

Not all safes are created equal. Take TL-15 safes and TL-30 safes for example. The ratings were provided by Underwriters Laboratory to show the resistance of materials used in each safe when subjected to tampering. You may get a burglary proof safe but are you sure it’s fire resistant too?

Assess your threat and the content you are protecting.

TL-15 safesIf you are protecting documents, a burglary resistant safe is not enough. You need to consider one that is also fire resistant. These are graded by UL depending on their resistance to heat. It doesn’t cause the contents to set to damage for 1 to 2 hours.

You may also check safes that are designed specifically for certain items. Let’s say you want to keep your jewelry safe. You may opt for a safe with drawers included for your small jewelry.

Know where in your house or office to place the safe.

Determine the right place where you keep the safe. Never place it where it can be easily seen. You may place it at your wall or somewhere in your room but it should be out of sight.

You need to also consider bolting the safe on the wall or on the floor, or if it would be mounted at a spot.

High security safes versus composite safes

Safes are categorized not just by their resistance to certain tampering but also with the materials used in creating each.

High security safes are steel plate safes that were first introduced. An example of this safe is the TL-15 safes which has a one inch steel door and a one inch steel body.

A higher steel rate of TL-30 is also available. These safes have a one inch steel plate door and a one and a half inch steel body.

Composite safes are made from composite aggregate material. It is a mix of high tech material including fiber glass and metal which makes it durable to stop any burglar attempts. It was introduced 50 years ago and has a one or two hour fire rating.

Unlike high security safes, composite safes are lighter. High density safes weigh and around 50 thousand square pounds; a laboratory required density for high security safes.

Misconception on TL-15 safes

One of the misconceptions in TL-15 safes is the time a burglar can damage it. People believe that once they buy this type, it will only take a burglar to destroy the safe within 15 minutes.

Unlike what people believe, these are simply ratings and were determined by subjecting the material to tampering. TL stands for tool. This means that the safe was tampered using drills and other tools possibly used by burglars. During the test, the applied pressure is high. The same goes for TR or torch resistance. It may take a burglar longer before he can damage the safe.

Familiarizing yourself to the safes available can help you keep your valuables safe. You need to know exactly what to look for—its rate and other features—to keep your items more secured. Whether it’s TL-15 safes or TR safes or a combination of both, you can never go wrong with getting one for your home or business use.

Mister Cooling Systems for Business

Mister cooling systems have affected how business institutions do business. With the rising price of electricity and global warming, a lot of business executives are looking for ways to cut down on cost without sacrificing sales and productivity. These systems offer an excellent way for business owners to draw in a lot of customers while protecting their workers from heat-related health risks as well.

Mister cooling systems uses evaporative cooling to quickly cut back high temperature by producing fine mists. Using a series of nozzles and lines connected to a water source as well as a motor pump, water is pushed through the nozzle openings. Water droplets are formed and released into the hot surroundings. These droplets absorb the heat and evaporate, making the area cooler.

Why do business owners use these misting systems and how do customers benefit? Below are the following reasons.

1. Affordable

Air conditioning is extremely pricey. Mister cooling systems are less expensive to acquire and maintain. Companies save money on operating costs because these misters consume 80% less electricity. Each saving that the company makes translates to higher revenues in the long haul.

2. Easy to Maintain

Not only are these cooling systems easier to take care of, they are also cost effective. They can be easily dismantled during the winter months to prevent damage to the cooling system. In addition, they do not clog easily, reducing the requirement for constant repair.

3. Good Health Benefits

Mister cooling systems have given tremendous health benefits to many employees. Warehouses and other enclosed commercial places can be easily cooled during summer when temperatures can easily spike. Heat strokes and other related health problems may be avoided once these misters are installed. Employees can do their work comfortably and safely, which might lead to higher productivity and fewer employee absences owing to illness.

4. Safe

Using evaporative cooling is safer for the surroundings, as compared to air conditioning. No dangerous fumes are released that can further harm the ozone layer. It uses natural methods that are natural and gentle to the planet we live in.

5. Increase in Sales and Productivity

Mister cooling systems provide business owners with several alternatives to enhance their gross revenues and productivity. These systems will effectively guarantee that business institutions will still be able to attract customers despite scorching weather conditions. For patrons who need to dine al fresco on a humid, summer day, and these misting systems can make them feel at ease to enjoy their meal. It has been proven that evaporative coolers can decrease the outside temperature for as much as 20 percent. This is excellent news for restaurants, bar and outdoor patio dining areas because regardless of the heat of a sizzling summer day, they can still enjoy brisk business.

Do you notice how these misters can easily cool wide areas, even with the presence of large crowds of people? Outdoor entertainments like concerts, festivals, as well as amusement parks and resorts have effectively used these cooling systems to keep individuals from suffering dehydration and heat strokes. Sports teams greatly rely on these misters to keep their players relaxed and at ease to be able to perform excellently in the games.

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Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Things to Consider Before Implementing a Live Chat Service for Website

Live chat services are now some of the most viable means to communicate, especially when it is between a customer and a business. It becomes preferred by many users because it makes customers keep in touch with a representative that can answer their concerns immediately, and if the representative needs to look for answers, they are not going to be placed on hold and have to listen to outdated and poorly recorded music. Alternately, email is another method but it may make customers wait too long for responses that may even be incomplete.

However, it is important for businesses that no matter how good chat service for website is for their business, this method of providing customer service comes with certain considerations.

Business-to-Business Correspondence

Arguably, you should not opt to use chat service for website when you need to speak to another business, and that is for a good reason. Chats can be too personal, or too cold, but that will depend on the transaction that you need to make. If your enterprise rests on business-to-business transactions, you will most probably find your employees engaged in transacting through emails or phone calls, and that may deem live chat unnecessary.

Your Personnel

A lot of employees love chat support since it allows them to multitask and choose the best answers for customer queries even before they launch into a chat conversation. However, this will still rest on how well you think your employees will handle additional customer service support.

Chat service for website entails having to respond to customer requests for chat within seconds; otherwise, they may drop the conversation they started. The rationale behind this is simple – they opted to chat instead of calling because they do not like being placed on hold.

That means you may have to hire extra people to handle this added service and train them to answer questions as fast as they can. This will cost extra, unless your existing number of employees can handle additional tasks. Just remember that web chatting is not within everyone’s skill set.


Upgrading your website to accommodate live chat is easy and cost-efficient. Some providers may even offer you free demo periods so you can plan how you will manage your business before actually buying their platform.

However, the technical support that you need may go beyond buying what the chat service provider offers. Some services may entail having stronger IT support, and that can bring you some financial and management setbacks such as having to outsource personnel if you want to go all the way to supporting chat service that goes way beyond your office hours. Finding the need to tweak the amount of support your chat service will offer will, of course, depend on the business that you run.

Apexchat specialized in Chat service for website.

Top Rated Fish Oil Supplements: What You Need to Know

If you have tried searching for the best health supplements in the market, you must have come across omega 3 products. For many years, scientists have suspected the connection of fish to improved overall health and longevity of life. However, it is only over the last few decades that the link has been empirically identified thus spurning an industry of top rated fish oil supplements.

Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil have been heralded as one of the most versatile natural nutrients. Two main types of these acids in fish diets include DHA and EPA which have amazing benefits. These range from prevention of lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular complications, diabetes, cancer among many other health benefits to improving brain functioning. The problem comes in determining the top rated fish oil supplements from amongst hundreds available in the market.

To make an informed choice, you have to appreciate the fact that these supplements are in the market because your diet cannot provide enough omega 3 acids. The World Health Organization (WHO), FAO and the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) reckon that wild fish contain the highest levels of these crucial nutrients. However, fish is not a common delicacy in modern diets which brings in the need for these supplements. Additionally, most world health bodies recommend a daily intake of about 1,000mgs of omega 3 daily. With this insight, it becomes easier to make a choice on the top rated fish oil supplements.

For starters, you need to assess the purity of the supplements. There are many impurities in our seas and because fish get these fatty acids from algae and other prey fish they eat, the risk of contamination is very high as reported by IFOS among other organizations. Always look out for a product that has undergone keen processing to eradicate as many toxins as possible. Mercury for instance should be reduced to bare minimums as it is one of the most common impurities in marine fish.

The content of your omega 3 brand will also determine whether it is top rated. You should look out for any peculiar additives because these might even work against what you want to achieve. In essence, top rated fish oil supplements always have high concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids. Most common formulations give you 300mgs of EPA and DHA per pill or softgels. When you take three per day, you will then have attained the level recommended by the American Health Association (AHA) among others. Other things you will not find in top rated fish oil supplements include artificial color and flavor additives.

If you want to attain overall health without paying through the nose or experiencing the disgusting fish burps, then, search for top rated fish oil supplements using these guidelines.

JDE Implementation- What You Need in order to Ensure that the Process is Smooth

Every business understands that they need to have an edge over their competitors. This can only be achieved when your business is more efficient than other businesses in the market.  Proper use of technology is one of the ways to achieve efficiency. There are many software solutions that are designed for businesses. JD Edwards is preferred because of its reliability, functionality and the fact that it is flexible. It is an ERP solution that offers software for financial management, customer service management, human resource and supply chain management. JDE implementation is one of the things that you have to consider when you choose to use this option.

JDE software is offered today on a SaaS platform. This is more manageable because one only pays for what they use. In addition, you do not have to invest in expensive hardware. This makes JDE implementation easier for small and medium enterprises. They can choose the services that they need from a hosting company. The package that they choose should be customized to suit the needs of the business. This is part of the JDE implementation process. The choice of services should be made in relation to the needs of the business.

It is also important to find a hosting company that will ensure that you understand the services that you have chosen. The JDE implementation process involves understanding where the software will be of use. It is also important to understand how to use the software to ensure proper management of your business. This is only possible when you have a hosting company that is willing to take you through this process.

JDE implementation also involves handling the upgrades that occur in the market. Technology is dynamic and improvements are made on the software that you buy almost every day. It is important to upgrade the software so that it is more efficient. Getting the right hosting company will ensure that you are aware of the upgrades that area available in the market. In addition, they will plan for the changes that the upgrade will make to your business processes. It is important to note that these solutions are meant to benefit your business.  The only way they will do that is if they are well implemented into your system. Therefore, the company that you choose to offer you these services is important. Consider the expertise and infrastructure that they are offering to you.

The Benefits of Using Steroid Alternatives

Many people are moving towards steroid alternatives as compared to traditional steroids. The main reason for these is because there are so many benefits of these alternatives. One of the benefits is that these alternatives are legal. In the past, many professional athletes lost their careers or got suspended because of using steroids which are considered illegal.

However, the alternatives are not illegal and you do not risk any legal consequences when using them. This also makes purchasing them easy and you do not have to go to the black markets. One of the reasons why steroids were made illegal is because they are not safe. People who use them tend to have adverse health effects at some point.

However, steroid alternatives are much safer than these anabolic steroids. There is little or no risk of having a health problem while using them. They are simply supplements that help in growth and increasing strength. These alternatives achieve all these without affecting the body systems in an adverse manner.

These steroid alternatives are not a substandard replacement to the anabolic steroids. In fact, they serve almost the same purpose as regular steroids. People who use them have gotten the same results sometimes even better due to the reduced side effects. For that reason, you can use these alternatives and achieve the same goals without going against the law or jeopardizing your health. If you have the alternatives, there is no reason for you to continue using the anabolic steroids.

Another benefit of these alternatives to anabolic steroids is the cost. You will realize that steroid alternatives are much cheaper when compared to the others. They are made using simple supplements that help in increasing energy levels. Therefore, they are not as costly and anyone can easily afford them. These alternatives also have other benefits such as increased libido so they can be used even by people who are not training as professional athletes.

These steroid alternatives are very good replacement for the anabolic ones. However, you need to buy them from the right suppliers. There are certain companies that are known to put a lot of work into producing the best of these alternative supplements. Since it is legal to purchase them, you are free to conduct a thorough search so that you can get the best. Once you get these alternatives, make sure that you use them as recommended by the manufacturer and for the right purpose.

Things to Understand Before Purchasing an Outdoor Daybed

Buying an outdoor daybed, just like any other furniture, is meant to enhance the beauty of a house apart from serving the purpose it was bought for. Investing in a day bed is like investing in comfort as you get to lie in it to relax and unwind. Most people will always have space in their backyard which they can use to relax and pass time. What to put in the space is usually the big issue with many going for a pool, chairs or even bed for resting.

When buying an outdoor daybed, apart from wanting it just for relaxation purposes, you also have to consider whether it matches other furniture you have already in your house. Most people operate with the color scheme and like to have all their furniture matching in color with the curtains or walls or the decoration they have in place. Mixing and matching the colors helps to make the home more colorful and attractive. It also helps predetermine what kind of furniture you will go for since you are probably working with a specific color theme.

Where to place an outdoor daybed can also be tricky and requires some level of organization. It has to be strategically placed to provide comfort as well as not to pose any distractions while moving around the house. Buying a very big day bed can end up eating a lot of your outdoor space hence limiting your activities. A very small one can also end up minimizing your comfort therefore getting the right size is important. You will probably need more than one bed hence size becoming a key issue.

An outdoor daybed should be easy to move around depending on where you choose to place it. This creates convenience and sustainability at home since the risk of injuries while moving it and damage is minimizing. It should also be easy to assemble and take apart. When buying it, you should also have the assurance you can return it easily when it doesn’t totally meet the furnishing requirements.

To get a high quality outdoor daybed, then your tastes and preferences will always come into play. The kind of material used on it, the type of wood, slings and materials used on the cushions determine the price of the bed. Style and durability also come into play when determining the price of the bed.

What to Look for in Long Island Golf Courses

Looking for a great Long Island golf course to play in? There are a few things you should ask before signing up for any membership or forking over any cash in any of the Long Island golf courses. These are factors that you should put into consideration when choosing a great golf course to play in. There are about 45 golf courses on Long Island meaning you have quite a world of choice as to where to play.

The first thing to consider about a golf course is whether membership is required or not. There are some private, public and semi private Long Island golf courses that you can take a look at. If golf is not your main sport, but an aspect of leisure every once in a while, you do not need to join a private golf course that requires membership. However, if you truly love the game, it is advisable to be a member of a golf club and enjoy the full perks of playing in that particular golf course. These perks include priorities in booking, discounts and invitation to various club activities.

The number of amenities available is also another matter of concern in the Long Island golf courses. You should always go for golf course with the maximum amenities to offer. The most important usually being a rental shop where you can get some equipment if you don’t have your own, a lounge or restaurant where you can take a rest and 18-holes on the course. Golf club houses are usually found in private golf courses that offer membership to golf players.

Disability is also an increasing matter of concern. If you are disabled or have family with disability, you can also find golf courses with handicap systems allowing for handicapped individuals to enjoy the golf course as well. There are some gold courses providing handicap facilities such as parking spots, washroom facilities among others.

Other things to consider include dress code enforcement and other activities that may be carried out on the golf course. In many golf courses, there is usually a strictly enforced dress code. If you are a bit of a rebel, you may need to find Long Island golf courses that are a bit lenient with their dress code rules. Other activities that could be carried out on the golf club include weddings, parties and corporate events, and as a member you may host such activities on the grounds at a discounted cost.

What You Should Know About Remote Access Software

Remote access software refers to a computer program that enables individuals to access content on another computer that they are authorized to, through the Internet or other connection. Normally, this involves installing software on the computer that you want to access, and provided that the computer is on, you can access it remotely using any other computer with Internet access.

Various remote access programs have different capabilities; for instance, some programs will allow you to actually control the computer that you want to access as if you are working on it. Such functions include running programs installed on that computer, opening files stored in it, copying files, and so on. Other programs just enable you to access the files stored on the computer, for instance to open them or copy them to the computer that you are currently using. Other types of remote access software are designed specifically to enable you to access media files. For instance, using a remote access program, you can record a TV show or music while you are away from home.

Having understood what remote access software is, you could probably be asking yourself what the benefits of such software are. These are obvious. To start with, remote desktop software will offer you the opportunity to work with any remotely connected computer. By connecting to the remote desktop, you will be able to see the mouse pointer as well as all its movements. You will also be able to see everything that takes place on the desktop via different types of keyboard commands. That is to say that you would be able to manage a remote desktop as if you were on the computer, from the comfort of your location.

The beauty of remote access software capabilities is the decreased need to be physically present to control a certain PC, which is highly beneficial if there are many PCs that you need to work on. That is, management and control of all the PCs will be centralized at one station where you are located. As such, you can control all functions such as troubleshooting, administration and support, and configuration by merely inputting commands from your station.

In summation, remote access software is all you need in order to be able to access data and files from different computers using your PC. To facilitate this, you also need a reliable Internet connection.

Only Buyers Of Holland Michigan Homes For Sale Need To Employ Agents, Right? Wrong!

There was a time when selling a home was a very simple and easy affair. One just had to spread word through friends and relatives that one’s home was available for sale. Once this was done, it was just a question of waiting for the right deal to come by. However, putting up Holland Michigan homes for sale is no longer such a simple task.

For starters, more and more buyers are making use of online resources to gain more knowledge about the nuances of purchasing Holland Michigan real estate. No longer are buyers satisfied with a basic and simple description of the property. More and more sellers are being asked to provide videos of their homes to prospective buyers and Holland MI real estate agents. Instead of spending time making personal visits, buyers and agents prefer checking out videos to determine whether the home is suitable or not.

In such a scenario, relying on a professional agent when selling your Real Estate in Holland MI property can prove very beneficial. For starters, such a real estate agent will have a clear understanding of the expectations of modern Holland Michigan real estate buyers. From drafting the listing advertisement properly to shooting good videos of your house, the real estate agent will take care of all these tasks and activities.

Secondly, the process of negotiating with the buyer or the buyer’s representative will become a lot easier if you have a professional agent specializing in real estate Holland MI transactions by your side. The buyer may prefer negotiating with you personally but would have the advice and guidance of an agent who has finalized many real estate Holland Michigan transactions in the past. The best way to avoid being outwitted by the opposite party is to rely on professional agents yourself.

Thirdly, understanding the Holland MI real estate market is not as simple as it was in the past. Prices are affected by local, regional, and national factors. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volatility in the market. The last thing you want is to be tagged as being more expensive than other Holland Michigan homes for sale in your neighbourhood. Dealing with a professional agent will help you take care of these issues. The price of the property will be calculated on the basis of your requirements and expectations combined with the facilities and amenities offered by the property in question.

The professional real estate Holland Michigan agent will advise you to quote an enhanced price thereby leaving scope for negotiation and bargaining. You can specify the minimum price that you want for the Holland Michigan real estate in question and leave the final price in the hands of the agent.

The process of selling your home will become a lot simpler and easier if you have an expert who has participated in numerous such transactions in the past. Thankfully, it is not difficult to find such a professional on the Internet. Just make sure you rely on the most reputed sources of information online.

VMware Backup Solutions for Every Company

Every company seeks the best vmware backup solutions to their existing virtualized software and computers, the best ways to save money, as well as the best way to better their company. Generally the latter means optimizing productivity. With virtualized systems, productivity is optimized to a new extreme. However, there still remains a need to utilize vmware backup solutions to prevent the optimized productivity from disappearing in the case of an emergency.

VMware Backup SolutionsWith virtualized computer systems your business can utilizes computer-security research which is responsible for studying effects of things such as worms or viruses while ensuring that the host system remains uncompromised. You can execute software which requires different systems to operate from any location while several guests are running their systems at once.

You can transform any business through virtualization. IT resources, applications, and availability are all improved through virtualization. You can eliminate the need for a single server for each application and instead run many virtual machines from the same physical machine. Instead of spending money for IT administrators to manage multiple servers, your company can benefit from virtualization by reducing their IT budget in non-virtualized datacenters from maintaining the infrastructure in existence to innovating new infrastructure and technology.

With VMware a company can benefit from an automated datacenter which is built on platforms dedicated to helping companies respond to their dynamic markets with efficiency. You can even use Windows and Linux.

Many computer hardware designs were created so that a single operating system would work hand-in-hand with a single application. This meant that many machines were underutilized. With virtualization, companies can run many virtual machines form a single physical machine. This means that each of the virtual machines can share the resources of the single physical computer, no matter their location. Of all the different virtual machines, they can all run different operating systems which mean that multiple applications can be run from the same physical computer.

There is no greater fear than the loss of data for any virtualized company. The benefits of virtualization can be seen by any business owner and one of the best benefits is the movement toward protection from failures with vmware backup options. However, these failures are still a reoccurring element in technological functions and as such, it is imperative for all businesses to use backup methods for their virtualized data instead of hoping that all of the consolidated information will remain intact.